Sacred Sound Sessions
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Located in Coquitlam, near Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Sacred Sound Sessions

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~shifting energy through musical mechanics~

...“At the heart of all the lost traditions was the teaching of the power of the WORD—the ability to use sound, voice, and music to create changes in oneself or in others.” Ted Andrews

At Aura Wellness Centre we have our own tradition of using sound to daily ‘bathe’ our spirit and  uplift our physical, emotional, and mental bodies to the energy standard we have created for ourselves. We invite you to come along for a session and make up your own mind about Sound Therapy & what it can do for you. 

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Tuning forks, drums, rattles, crystal bowls, tingshaws, chimes, colours, and gem elixirs comprise a Sacred Sound Session at Aura Wellness Centre.

The Science of Sound

Brainwaves are the electrical patterns emitted by the brain, and, as such, they respond to frequencies. These waves change frequency due to the neural   activity in the brain. Sound Therapy can affect that activity by applying specific frequencies using various instruments. When we present rhythm, beats, tones, and pulses to the brain, it begins to mimic them. The process is called entrainment. In effect, the sound instruments ‘speak’ to the brain in its own language; the language of frequencies. Brainwave frequencies determine what state we are in at any given moment.

When clients turn their attention to the sounds created in the sessions, the brain-chatter turns off and a deep peace overtakes them. 

We can use sound therapy to achieve specific goals, ie: relaxation, learning, uplifting, energizing and so on.  

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Above, a client relaxes in a forward-facing chair and does some deep breathing, preparing for a Sacred Sound Session.

How it works

Vibration, colour, and sound are all   interrelated and used to balance the energies of the subtle bodies. 

Sound is a vibratory wave or pattern of energy, which can create, alter, or transform our human emotions, physiology, and energy patterns. The healing power of sound lies in its rhythmic beat. These sound vibrations can alter our thought patters, help us reach desired levels of consciousness, and begin the body on a healing journey.

In my work, I use special tuning forks that are specifically tuned to the frequency of each chakra (keynote), to achieve maximum balancing and energy healing. These instruments set up a sympathetic vibration, which can be directed into parts of the body, and the meridians, thus attaining resonance.

Sound can create order out of chaos. The use of the Rasta Rattle clears the first subtle body of dense, unwanted energy. It produces a monotonous sound, which many people find soothing and quieting. Some are able to let go of the ego-self and left-brain chatter.

Singing the mantras while I work with the energy, takes the client into a sacred sound room where they feel safe and cared for, like when they were little.

The use of the crystal bowl and drum creates wave patterns that can literally envelop the client in a cloud of sound. These vibrations raise the frequency of all the surrounding bodies and allows the client to simultaneously reach higher realms and remain grounded to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Kind Words

I saw a different colour for each tuning fork used up the spine. The rattling and drumming felt like a relaxing massage. At the end, I felt less stressed out and concerned about the issue I was having.


I saw lots of White Light and had many white visuals as Lyn played the crystal bowl. The rattle really shook the cobwebs out of my head. I could feel the heat from Lyn’s hands as each tuning fork was placed along my spine. The singing of the Gayatri Mantra made me feel like a little ‘soul-baby’; I felt so safe.


The sounding at the beginning of the session helped me to release a lot of the    tension I was feeling. The singing of the mantras touched my heart and I felt it open up. During the drumming, I felt as if I were in the sound; I felt it through to my soul level. I loved this sound session. Thanks, Lyn.


I would definitely have another session with Lyn if I wanted to be blissed-out and have my energy balanced. I feel great!  Lyn is calm, professional, and very knowledgeable.


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