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Located in Coquitlam, near Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone 604-524-8565 for more information or an appointment

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Whole Life Coaching Program

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{Thanks to Erica for lending a hand...:) }

...working together to achieve your goals...

Ask yourself, "What have I accomplished in the last five weeks towards fulfilling my dreams and goals?" Write down your answer.

What if, in the next five weeks, you could find your path to the life you've always wanted to live?

Life Coaching sessions will uncover what it is you really want to do with your life. You will have a plan and be committed to following it. You will find the joy and satisfaction you seek as you achieve success day after day.

Life Coaching Areas

In my model, there are nine main areas of life, which I have assigned an association to a Chakra, and correlated to a section of the Feng Shui BaGua. Life Coaching BaGua.pdf

Most people have challenges with two or three areas at any given time. Very seldom does one’s whole life turn upside down, although it does happen, and has happened to me. I can coach a person through this, too.

This is more about which areas of life are prominent in your mind right now. More importantly, are you willing to apply persistence and commitment to resolving these areas and developing the kind of life you want to live. This is your chance, your one and only chance, to live your life. You’ve often heard it said, ‘This is not a dress rehearsal.’

1. Career & Business

What is important to you in your work? Who am I, to the world, in this life?

2. Leisure & Hobbies

What do you do just for fun, recreation, and relaxation? What is my creative side all about?

3. Family & Children

What is and who are important to you regarding your family? What is my basis in life?

4. Marriage & Partner-ships

What is your most important relationship like? Where and to whom does my love go?

5. Global Contribution

What is your contribution to the world? In what ways do I serve the common good?

6. Wealth & Abundance

What constitutes a life of wealth & abundance for you? What do I communicate and how does that come back to me?

7. Health & Fitness

What is important to you when you consider your overall health? In which ways is my life grounded in good health?

8. Education & Learning

What are you continuing to learn about topics that interest you? What can I do so I can see myself continuing to learn and grow?

9. Spiritual Connection

What is important to you as far as spiritual growth is concerned? What do I do to nourish my connection to Spirit?

You will hire a Professional Life Coach when:

·  You want more focus in your life

·   You want it to happen easier than if you did it alone

·   You want to grow as a passionate and purposeful individual

·   You want to experience a zest for life

·   You want a life of wealth and abundance

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I focus on RESULTS

R—reducing hassles and burdens by becoming more organized and effective with your time.

E—everyday excitement and energy to live your life fully and experience your potential.

S—self-esteem and confidence improve, so accomplishing anything becomes simply a matter of doing it.

U—unleashing your dynamic side to provide balanced living by understanding what is important to you.

L—learning how to create a peaceful oasis by clearing the clutter in your life-home~office~relationships.

T—transitions are successfully managed in the nine life categories

S—Stress will no longer overwhelm you and interfere with your work, your life, and your enjoyment.


Working with a Life Coach can help a person make consistent progress towards their goals and dreams by:

·   Giving total support

·   Developing clarity in a situation

·   Reducing procrastination

·   Expanding perspective

·   Providing accountability

·   Focusing consciously

·    Supplying objective feedback

A Life Coach is not a Therapist.

Life Coaches begin in the ‘here and now’ and walk with you into the future.

Therapists help you to deal with the past and the resultant trauma.

We won't work on "issues”, “get into the past”, or deal with 'trying to  understand human behaviour'. My role is to help you move forward, and set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want.

When you hire a Professional Life Coach, you tend to

      ·        take yourself more seriously

    ·     take more effective and focused actions immediately

    ·      stop putting up with what is dragging you down

    ·      set goals that you might not have had without your coach

    ·      create momentum, which in turn creates results


Get on the fast-track to the wonderful life 

you’ve been waiting to live. 

Your Life is just a call away...


    The Five-Week Program - How it works: 

    "If money, health, time, social status, and 'what others thought' were not an issue, what would you do with your life? How would you use it?"

    Day One:

    Come prepared with your dreams and wishes in hand. We will complete the intake form and the Life Coaching form. This will give us a base from which to create your dream life. We will discover what is holding you back from achieving the results you deserve. We will create a mission statement.

    Day Two:

    We will meet a week later to investigate the solutions to your dilemmas and institute the goals plan, clarifying your vision with concrete commitments.

    Day Three:

    We will meet two weeks later to fine-tune the processes being used and affirm the commitments. Some results will be in and heartily applauded.

    Day Four:

    We will meet two weeks later to do follow-up, progress reports, final outcomes, and what to do next. 

Four-Session Packages available

Silver          4-30 minute sessions        $110.00

Gold            4-45 minute sessions        $165.00

Platinum        4-60 minute sessions        $220.00 

(includes 2-15 minute phone sessions)


See Aura Wellness Page for PayPal buttons.


Professional Life Coaching Brochure




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{Thanks to Norm for lending a hand...:) }


Kind Words

I hoped to receive some clarity about what’s important to me, right now, and some motivation to ‘live on purpose’. I found Lyn to be approachable, an ally, warm, professional, and knowledgeable. I feel the chart helped me organize my thoughts and identify concerns to address and see if I’m spending time on what’s most important. It was helpful to discuss my responses and explore the matches and mis-matches; also, Lyn is familiar with many different approaches so we could examine questions in a lot of ways. Lyn has many skills to offer in any situation, so I’m confident she will have an appropriate strategy no matter what comes up! She is also very compassionate, which fosters trust and confidence in her coaching abilities. AF

Lyn has an excellent manner and makes you think that the ideas are all your own - she knows how to guide a person gently. As with anything that Lyn does, it was very professional and extremely well organized. She gives an idea ahead of time about what is to come and questions what we need to work on. The meeting itself was on topic and then she followed up with an email recap of what had been discussed. Extremely professional, organized, well thought out program. Lyn's caring, thoughtfulness, and understanding go a long way. Breaking a problem down into small portions that can be tackled and worked on gives one a feeling of achievement and knowing that it can be accomplished. I am on my way - thanks Lyn for your support. GP

I know I would have kept procrastinating. Life Coaching has kept me focused. Lyn was very professional and helpful in helping me understand where I needed to make changes and how to do it. I would be pleased to recommend Lyn to anyone if they are in need of a ‘ship n’ shape up’ session in getting their lives back on track and guidance in taking control of their lives to achieve their goals. JC

A good foundation was laid for making a career change and pursuing my life path. I felt more uplifted in my choices and more organized. Lyn is very professional and at the same time, very caring and encouraging. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or use her myself again in the future. Right after my session with Lyn, I knew in my heart what my life path was. I started working on the list we made and things are rolling along at a good pace. I have momentum. LS

Lyn was very helpful and had many good suggestions that could be put to use immediately. I had a wonderful experience with Lyn as my Coach, and learned so much from her. I want to thank her for her time and patience with me. MR



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