Crystal Sessions
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Located in Coquitlam, near Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone 604-524-8565 for more information or an appointment

email us at or 

This course is taught in a small class setting,
or by correspondence anytime. Next in-person class is 
Feb 18th $150.00, then Apr 29th, 2006 from 10 to 5 PM
I can take four students for each date. .
The dates mentioned are the 'planned' dates. I teach whenever a student needs me and as my schedule allows. I've set up weekend dates to accommodate those who work M-F. Please feel free to negotiate the dates with me, as I do have days during the week when 
I'm available to teach. 
In order to save the expense of flight and accommodations, this course can be taken by correspondence. The cost is 150.00 Canadian plus $15.00 shipping and handling  and I will mail you the manual, so I will need your postal address. I will need a Money Order in Canadian funds prior to shipping, for this option. Or, you can save 10.00 (save on printing costs) and I will email it to you so you can begin your studies today . 
Use the PayPal button to use your credit card.
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Beginners to Intermediates

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Beginners to Intermediates

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Beginners to Intermediates  

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Advanced Course

To buy the mail-out course, click here:

Advanced Course

To buy the in-person course, click here:

Advanced Course

Crystals - Sessions and Courses

Crystals have been used down through the ages for...

bulletProtection by repelling negative energy from others
bulletAttracting prosperity/abundance
bulletInducing a sense of peace
bulletEnhancing love relationships
bulletHealing yourself
bulletHealing others
bulletAngelic contact
bulletGuide communication
bulletDream recall
bulletTreating food, water, plants, animals and humans

Crystals work through the auric field using their subtle energy to channel and direct energy.

They can...

bulletNeutralize negative energy
bulletDraw energy away from over-stimulated areas
bulletRe-energize depleted areas
bulletInduce a feeling of harmony
bulletBalance the chakras
bulletIncrease your aura and personal power
bulletClear blocked channels

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When you learn how to choose, cleanse, dedicate and program crystals, your life will never be the same again. Crystals become as friends standing by waiting to help you. Each has its own energy and auric field. Each has its own job; its own niche in your life. 

I have a favorite blue-laced agate that helps to clear my head so I can sleep. We each have our own piece of dark purple amethyst point by our bed - also to help us have a good sleep and vivid dreams. A citrine point resides in the South East corner of our house pointing in and attracting abundance. I also have citrine in the Sun Gua of every room in the house except the bathroom. I have one on my computer and we both have one in our wallets to attract money. I sleep with a piece of tumbled malachite when my itchy ankle starts up, and a double terminated clear quartz crystal has cleared the migraine head-aches that bother Norm from time to time. I have also used it for a neck-tension head-ache I had one time. If my tummy is upset, orange calcite comes to the rescue. They are trust, tried and true friends of the family.

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If you would like to learn more about Crystals, please email me at

"In The Light" for beginners and intermediates.

The one-day workshop covers: 

bulletWhat are crystals and what can they do?
bulletEarth Energy Empowerment
bulletTypes of crystals and formations
bulletCrystal Identification
bulletCrystals-The Basics ~ how to choose, cleanse, dedicate, charge and program
bulletThe Chakra System
bulletCrystal Healing
bulletLemurian Seed Crystals
bulletCrystals and meditation

$150.00 includes the manual, extras, and training by a certified Crystal Healer. Please, pre-register by emailing me for a registration package then sending your payment. For those of you who live in the lower mainland of British Columbia, I accept cheque, or cash. For those of you who live at a distance, please forward a money order or bank draft in Canadian funds.

"In The Light" advanced crystal course

Pre-requisite is the beginners/intermediate course above.



Learn the process of doing an Earth Energy Empowerment  


Creating Sacred Space


Setting a crystal grid in your home or garden using directions


Clearing the past with crystals


Tapping into your potential of NOW


Manifesting and anchoring your future using a crystal grid


Ten case studies using all levels of crystal healing


500 word book report on book of your choice on crystal healing


2,000 word thesis on your choice of topics in regards to crystal healing

I will be taking students for this course in January 2006. 

$175.00 includes the manual, extras, and training by a certified Crystal Healer. Please, pre-register by emailing me for a registration package then sending your payment. For those of you who live in the lower mainland of British Columbia, I accept cheque, or cash. For those of you who live at a distance, please forward a money order or bank draft in Canadian funds.

This course can be taken by distance or taught in small groups of two to four students, over eight weeks. It is suggested that the students line up ten volunteers for the case studies prior to taking this course so that all assignments and case studies can be concluded by the end of the eight weeks and you can receive your certificate. A Client Form is provided in the pre-requisite level and can be used for the case studies. All cases studies must be signed and dated by the Client, and completed by the end of the course.

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This is the ‘fine print’. Please, read carefully.  

for those paying by cash, cheque, or money order:

A 15% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place for all courses.

50% of the remainder is requested 14 days prior to the class.

The remaining amount is payable upon commencement of the course.

A receipt will be issued in class for all payments made.

There are no refunds after one week prior to course

but, depending on availability, you may be able to hold a seat for the next scheduled class.

There is a $15.00 fee on any payments that are not honored.

Thank you.

Certified in Crystal Healing

CC Crystal Certificate.jpg (219838 bytes)

        My Advanced Crystal Healing Teacher is 

CC Monica Kiszel.jpg (17992 bytes) Monica Reisinger


Crystal Healing Session Crystal Healing2.jpg (41434 bytes)

A crystal healing session is very relaxing and powerful. The subtle emanation of energy from a crystal can bring joy, peace, health and abundance. After our consultation, I will guide you through a meditation to help you un-plug from your concerns and worries. We will develop an intention for the session. I will lay stones and crystals on your body and create an energy grid. While the stones are harmonizing your energy system, I will balance your Chakras. After the session, I will lead you through a grounding meditation.

             See Aura Wellness page for pricing.

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Here are some beauties in our collection...                                        

WS Chakra Stones.jpg (52733 bytes) Apophyllite, Amethyst, Sodalite, Turquoise, Aventurine and Rhodonite, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Hematite.

        WS Amethyst 1.jpg (82958 bytes)        WS Amethyst Pieces.jpg (66246 bytes)        WS Citrine 3.jpg (148698 bytes)

Amethyst               Citrine

  WS Clear Quartz Pieces.jpg (60910 bytes)        WS Rutilated Quartz.jpg (37513 bytes)        WS Smoky Quartz.jpg (63992 bytes)

Clear Quartz            Rutilated Quartz    Smoky Quartz

WS Tourmilated Quartz.jpg (21016 bytes)                WS Lemurian Seed Crystals.jpg (41238 bytes)        r amethyst healing wand.jpg (52119 bytes)        r crystal pendulum.jpg (40774 bytes) 

Tourmalinated Quartz        Lemurian Seed     Amethyst Wand       Quartz pendulum       

 WS Beautiful Healing Stones and Crystals.jpg (154535 bytes)     Starting at top left - Azurite with Malachite, Black Tourmaline, Unakite, Snowflake Obsidian, Bloodstone, Chrysocolla, Kyanite, Malachite, Lepidolite, Hematite, Turquoise, Celestine, Herkimer Diamond, Peacock Ore, Lepidolite, Tanzanite, Labradorite, Chrysoprase, Gold Stone, Angelite, Jet, Hematite, 

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WS Blue Laced Agate.jpg (55987 bytes)        WS Calcite group 2.jpg (86142 bytes)        r hematite.jpg (45029 bytes)        WS Carnelian.jpg (45681 bytes)

Blue-Lace Agate        Calcite                       Hematite                   Carnelian                

WS heart stones.jpg (55375 bytes)    At 12: o'clock is Serpentine, then Amazonite, Aventurine, Rhodonite and Peridot, another Amazonite and Aventurine. Centre is Fluorite.

WS Crystals 2.jpg (41361 bytes)    At 12: o'clock is Olive Green Serpentine, Sunstone, Blue Chalcedony, Green Quartz, Moonstone, Peach Aventurine, Nephrite (Jade), Apache Tears, and centre is Violet Fluorite.

WS Crystals 3.jpg (149357 bytes) Another beautiful Quartz cluster.

WS Red Jasper.jpg (43656 bytes)        WS Rose Quartz.jpg (47164 bytes)       WS rose quartz 1.jpg (40045 bytes)     WS rose quartz 2.JPG (43463 bytes)

Red Jasper                  Rose Quartz                 Raw Rose Quartz 

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 WS Sodalite.jpg (63846 bytes)      WS Quartz Crystals.jpg (88817 bytes)

Sodalite                Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal, Citrine

WS Snowy Quartz and Aquamarine.jpg (60114 bytes)   Snowy Quartz and Aquamarine with Citrine         

WS Lapis Lazuli and Gold Quartz.jpg (90559 bytes)                                                              r polished agate.jpg (121658 bytes)

Lapis Lazuli and Gold Quartz with a crystal pendulum     Coloured Agates and Blue Laced Agate

WS amber 1.jpg (9816 bytes)     WS Amber 2.jpg (9720 bytes)    WS Amber 3.jpg (102164 bytes)    Amber 

r gemstones.jpg (98484 bytes)        r laying on of stone 1.jpg (2239230 bytes)        R laying on of stones.jpg (330674 bytes)        Norm gems 2.jpg (291562 bytes)

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r polished amethyst.jpg (60817 bytes)        r polished rose quartz hearts.jpg (66243 bytes)        R Reiki Grid 2.jpg (110143 bytes)        r ruby in zoisite.jpg (176088 bytes)

Amethyst                    Rose Quartz        Crystal Grid            Ruby in Zoisite

Soulmate crystal 2.jpg (41078 bytes)    A Soul Mate is when one crystal grows inside another and the points are both going the same way. When you look inside, you can see the rest of the crystal. Generally, the one that is inside is somewhat smaller.

WS Crystal Mandala 2.jpg (33065 bytes)    A wonderful way of combining crystals with meditation is to create a Crystal Mandala using an intuitive process to select the pattern and the stones.

I have many more crystals to add to this page. Please, keep coming back. We'll all be here. :) 

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The photos, illustrations, recipes, and writings on this site are 

copyright (C) to Lyn E. Ayre 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Please respect this. Thank you.